Types of Window Frame Materials: Which Is Appropriate for Your Home?

July 20, 2022

Once the windows in your home show signs of wear, consider replacing them. Common window issues include bent frames, foggy glass, or trouble opening and closing. Nowadays, you can choose from many types of window frame materials to fit your home.

When considering new windows, how do you choose the right ones? Contact the professional window and door contractor by PHS Home Service for a free in-home consultation. To help you decide, we have provided some window frame comparisons. 

types of window frame materials

Types of Window Frame Materials

Wood Window Frames

Homes have used wooden window frames for over a hundred years. Even today, wood maintains the same strength and aesthetic appeal. When properly maintained, wood windows can last for a long time.

Generally, wood costs more than fiberglass or vinyl windows. Certain climates can cause wood to rot or weather. Additionally, the wood may expand and contract if you do not repaint the windows when needed.  

Aluminum Window Frames

Aluminum windows have a trendy look that fits sleek and modern home styles. Aluminum provides good strength and long-term performance. In addition to letting in plenty of sunlight, aluminum windows require little maintenance.

While aluminum costs more than fiberglass or vinyl, it remains cheaper than wood. Unlike other window materials, aluminum will not rot, get moldy, or wear out. On the downside, aluminum windows are not as energy efficient.

Fiberglass Window Frames

Fiberglass windows use low-maintenance and durable materials. They look like vinyl frames but consist of extruded fiberglass sections. These windows can handle extreme weather and temperature changes.

Fiberglass provides strong insulation and prevents heat loss compared to the other types of window frame materials. When properly maintained, these windows can last over 70 years.  

Vinyl Window Frames

Vinyl windows use Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) materials that can take any shape or form. They remain the most popular choice with homeowners because they offer affordable window options with good insulation.

Unfortunately, vinyl windows have a lower lifespan and do not provide the same durability as other materials. On the plus side, vinyl does not require painting and staining. You can safely use common household cleaners on vinyl windows. 

Composite Window Frames

Composite frames use many materials to create a high-performance window. Composite windows combine all the benefits of wood, aluminum, and vinyl. These windows offer protection from the weather, rot, mold, and warping. 

Which Window Frame Material Should You Pick?

Windows play an essential role in your home’s design, so carefully consider your options before installing them. Factor in the benefits and drawbacks of each window frame material and decide what’s important. Also, consider your location and home decor before making a decision. 

Hire a Professional Window Installer

PHS Home Service offers the most comprehensive selection of home improvement and types of window frame materials. We provide professional window covers, replacement windows, and doors. Our personalized approach helps us understand you better so that we can deliver a solution that works for you.

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