6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Stormproof Windows

June 20, 2022

Impact-resistant stormproof windows, or hurricane windows, offer protection from the elements and flying debris despite looking no different from ordinary windows. Storm windows feature laminated glass panes and heavy-duty window frame construction, making storm window installation a cost-effective way to protect your home. 

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storm proof windows

Even if your home escaped damage from previous storms, why take the chance this season? Get new storm windows and enjoy all of the following benefits.

#1: Peace of Mind When a Storm Hits

Imagine the feeling of looking out the window and seeing a menacing gray wall rolling toward you or being on a trip and seeing reports on the news about a storm hitting your neighborhood.

With reliable storm windows, you won’t have to worry about shattered glass, waterlogged carpets, or damaged furniture from hail, storm-driven debris, and strong winds.

#2: Security Against Intruders

Storm windows make it harder for thieves to smash their way into your home. Laminated glass resists kicks, punches, and strikes with bats or other objects. When thieves try to break through your storm door, the sound will alert you to their presence and often scare the thieves off.

#3: Saving Money

If energy efficiency matters to you and your family, new storm windows can help. They insulate your home better than conventional windows while letting in the sun’s natural warmth. Installing storm windows keeps your bills down, leaving more money in your pocket. 

Insurance companies know that storm windows reduce the risk of claims for storm damage and vandalism. Some insurance companies will save money by lowering your rates. 

#4: Blocking Unwanted Noise and Light

Windows and window treatments are effective ways to limit the amount of street and neighborhood noise that enters your home. Many modern storm windows include coatings that block ultraviolet light without obstructing your view. If you want to reduce the overall light level in the room, install tinted storm windows.

#5: Boosting Curb Appeal

Your windows are among the first elements of your home that people notice when they arrive. Dusty, aging windows give your home a drab look. Make your home look clean and inviting with brand-new storm windows.

#6: Low Maintenance

Avoid the hassle of boarding up windows or putting up storm shutters whenever a severe storm heads your way. Stormproof windows can weather the elements and are easy to clean. 

Get Quality Stormproof Windows from PHS Home Services 

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