When to Replace Windows: Top 5 Signs

December 28, 2021

Like many other parts of your home, windows have a set lifespan. As they age, they become less effective at keeping out the elements, leading to many other problems in your home.

PHS Home Service can guide you through the tricky choices involved with window replacements. Although replacing windows can be a costly and time-consuming home improvement project, ignoring the warning signs of aging windows can lead to more extensive repairs in the future.

when to replace windows

1. Higher than Normal Utility Bills

Old windows often have damaged seals, allowing outdoor air into the home. This constant influx of air can put much extra strain on your HVAC system as it struggles to maintain a constant temperature.

Not only does this extra strain increase your energy bills, but it will also lead to issues with worn and failing HVAC parts. Ignoring the problem for an extended period will make window replacement urgent and potentially your HVAC system as well.

2. Window Condensation

Window condensation affects both single-pane and double-paned windows. However, if you see cold air trapped between two window panes, it’s a sign that the seal has failed, and water can seep into the middle of the window.

And if one seal fails, you can be sure the others aren’t far behind.

3. Louder Outdoor Noises

Windows provide a sound barrier between you and the outside world. If you suddenly hear every neighborhood noise, there’s a good chance your windows are getting old. Noise travels on air, and if there’s a small gap in your windows, the air will carry outdoor sounds directly into your ears.

4. Visible Signs of Damage

Most single-pane windows contain materials that resist weathering. However, harsh climates will eventually wear even the toughest windows installed in your home, leading to visible signs of damage.

These signs can include cracks, chips, evidence of rotting or mold, and even cracked glass. This non-cosmetic damage can impact your window’s performance and signify it’s time for a window replacement.

Since different windows may experience different weather conditions, you may be able to replace only those windows with visible signs of damage. However, it’s also a good idea to inspect all your other windows for water infiltration or other signs of wear before committing to a partial or total window replacement project.

5. Operational Difficulties

Water infiltration often affects the window’s opening and closing mechanism. It can cause warping, cracking, or rust, making opening or closing a window much harder. Older windows also tend to develop balance issues that lead to jamming.

due to the lack of an airtight seal, these operational difficulties also make it easier to damage the windows, either through mechanical force or by allowing more water into the window mechanism.

If you’re still not sure when to replace your windows, get in touch with PHS Home Service. We offer window replacement services in Debary, FL, and can help you decide about your windows. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today!