Why DIY Window Installation Should Not Be an Option

April 21, 2022

Window installation might seem like a sensible DIY project when your windows become outdated, broken, or drafty. After all, DIY projects save homeowners lots of money on contractors, right? Even if you’re a seasoned DIYer, DIY window installation is rarely a good idea. 

Though some windows have a longer lifespan than others, there always comes a time when you’ll need to replace windows. Hiring a professional contractor helps homeowners avoid injuries, other exterior vulnerabilities, and damages. PHS Home Service, a windows and doors company in Orlando, can help you learn more about upgrading your windows and why the DIY route isn’t worth the risk. 

diy window installation

DIY Window Installation Is Dangerous

There’s a reason professional contractors undergo extensive training to deal with rough openings and broken window sashes: DIY window installation can be dangerous, especially if you’re unsure of what you’re doing. For example, you could fall from a ladder, cut yourself on window glass, or smash your fingers while installing a window. 

DIY Window Installation Could Damage Your Home

Unless you’re a seasoned professional, you may miss other exterior vulnerabilities or blemishes during a DIY window installation project. Plus, if you’re attempting an installation for the first time, you could knick a plumbing line or damage your new windows. Depending on your insurance, this could get expensive. 

Most homeowners’ insurance policies decline to cover DIY projects, self-installs, and at-home fixes. Instead, a licensed and certified installation technician can mitigate liability and speed up your project timelines. It pays to have a pro on your side. 

Improper Installation Could Cause Malfunctions

Have you ever made a mistake assembling a piece of furniture? In that case, you know how even the most minor errors can lead to more significant problems down the line. 

Applying that thinking to a project like a DIY window installation shows an imbalanced risk-reward scale. The risk often proves much higher than the reward. 

If you want the most significant return on your project and want it done right the first time, it helps to work with a trusted installation technician or contractor. From improper measurements and cutting errors to existing frame concerns and rushed installations, DIY projects carry too many risks. A professional can quickly assess the window’s sash and frame to make recommendations and provide quality installation service. 

Work With a Trusted Window Installation Company in Orlando, FL

For most, it’s wisest to skip DIY window installation. If you’re building your dream home from the ground up or replacing windows throughout your family home, hire a professional window company. 

Professionals help you save time and money and offer you the peace of mind that a quality contractor provides. 
Whether you’re wondering, “Why use energy-efficient windows?” or you’re ready to replace windows in your home using the existing frame, PHC Home Services has your back. As Orlando’s trusted window and door installation company, we’re here to help. Contact us today at (386) 487-7296 to learn more about our window and door services.